Golden Arrow Resources Commenced Drilling At Terra Dorada Gold Project, Paraguay And Rosales Copper Project, Chile, Options Libanesa Silver-Gold Project, Argentina

Sampling Rosales Copper project, Chile

After lots of reconnaissance exploration at several of their projects, Golden Arrow Resources (GRG.V, GARWF.US, G6A.FSE) is ready for the follow-up, and recently commenced drilling at two different projects. These are the Rosales Copper project in Chile, and the Terra Dorada gold project in Paraguay. The company also completed an IP and magnetics surveys, and a mapping/rock sampling program at their Yanso gold project in Argentina. Furthermore, it finished a trenching program at the Esperanza target, part of the Flecha de Oro gold project in Argentina. Lastly Golden Arrow Resources very recently signed an option agreement for the Libanesa silver-gold project, also in Argentina, the longtime base for the company, and plans to do reconnaissance exploration on this project soon. These activities and more will be discussed with VP Exploration Brian McEwen in this article.

Golden Arrow Resources Acquires Rosales Copper Project In Chile, Drops Indiana Project

As Golden Arrow Resources (GRG.V, GARWF.US, G6A.FSE) renegotiated their Indiana gold project in Chile not too long ago into very favorable terms, I was surprised to recently read about the company dropping the project:

“The Company also wishes to report that it is not proceeding with its option of the Indiana Gold-Copper project in Chile.”

when announcing in the same news release the acquisition of the Rosales Copper project, located in Chile as well, which is less advanced, and will be discussed later on.

Golden Arrow Resources Renegotiates Indiana Project Deal; Ready For Drilling And A Potential New Precious Metals Bull Market

Golden Arrow Resources (GRG.V, GARWF.US, G6A.FSE) recently came out with some pretty interesting news on their Indiana gold project in Chile. They managed to amend the definitive agreement with the property owner Mineria Activa, a Chilean private equity investment management firm focused on exploration to production-stage assets in mining. Golden Arrow now has the right to earn 100% of Indiana over a 74-month period, expiring in December 2024, and the total cost of US$15.1M has not changed.

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