Hybrid Prospect Generator Kenorland Minerals: Talented Management, Cashed Up And Has Commenced Follow Up Drilling At Promising Regnault Gold Project

Drilling at Frotet project, Quebec

1. Introduction

Kenorland Minerals was mentioned to me at the end of 2019 by mining legend Rick Rule, departing CEO of Sprott US Holdings, and more specific he extensively expressed his admiration for the young CEO of Kenorland, Zach Flood. According to Rule, who recently announced his retirement, Flood is a top category prodigy, who is probably destined to go places. Such an endorsement is pretty rare, so I kept this in the back of my head, as Kenorland wasn’t trading at the time. I had to wait until after the RTO in January of this year. After a few weeks of trading the share price started to come down, also caused by headwinds for gold as interest rates for bonds were steadily rising:

Golden Arrow Resources Out Exploring Again After COVID-19; Hits High Grade Gold At Tierra Dorada In Paraguay


As Golden Arrow Resources (GRG.V, GARWF.US, G6A.FSE) was sidelined for most of last year due to COVID-19, their exploration programs were basically halted. The project that first got underway again was the Tierra Dorada Gold project in Paraguay. The story on this project is a testament to the strong network of Golden Arrow in Latin America. When CEO Joe Grosso talked to officials in Paraguay somewhere in 2019, they told him to take a look at some of their projects, and talk to local geologists. So he did, and these geologists identified numerous projects, ready for staking. In the end, 2 claim blocks totaling 64k hectares were staked.

Golden Arrow Resources Buying Back 10% Of Outstanding Shares; Exploration Temporarily Halted By Pandemic


The Corona virus pandemic together with the Saudi Arabia-Russia oil production increase took its toll on the equity markets the last few weeks. The commodity markets in particular got hit too, as main end user China got hit by a halt in manufacturing plants across the economy. Precious metals like gold rose initially, but after the virus spread globally it got sold off ruthlessly like any other asset class. Golden Arrow Resources (GRG.V, GARWF.US, G6A.FSE) as a gold explorer didn’t come out completely unharmed either, as the following chart shows:

Share price Golden Arrow Resources 1 year time frame; Source: Tmxmoney.com

Genesis Metals: Discovery Group Icons John Robins And Jim Paterson Taking A New Look At Chevrier

This article by Gwen Preston has been published earlier at December 12, 2019 at Resource Maven.

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Genesis Metals (TSXV:GIS) has been around for a decade. Over that time it worked and dropped a few projects, but more importantly it found two projects that the team really liked. The bear market made it hard to raise capital so work programs were limited. The work that was done returned good results, good enough that a strong technical team took an interest in the company early this year.

Genesis Metals: Gold Exploration In The Heart Of The Abitibi Greenstone Belt

President & CEO Jeff Sundar in the middle at Chevrier


This article by Brian Leni has been published first at Junior Stock Review.

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What is the significance of surpassing $1400 USD per ounces of gold?

Personally, I view the price of gold as a bell weather for the global economy, essentially signalling the health of markets. Without a doubt in my mind, the complexity of the global marketplace is only increasing and because of this, I can’t help but think that any of these attempts to control it will fail and only add to the damage that has already been done.

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