Seekingalpha occasionally publishes articles on, one of the largest investment sites worldwide, by the alias The Critical Investor. For what it's worth, as an indication for level of perceived (by Seekingalpha editors) quality of those articles, most articles are designated by the highest Seekingalpha quality standards, ie. Editors' Pick, PRO or Top Idea. Two PRO articles are republished here with permission of Seekingalpha, to serve as examples, on Continental Gold and Reservoir Minerals (both tagged as Extensive Analysis).

A list of articles published on by The Critical Investor can be found here, although most of the articles are PRO, which means they are behind a paywall unfortunately, but it at least gives you an idea of topics and opinion.

The Critical Investor also provides a premium subscription service called Mining For Alpha, made available by and through Seekingalpha, which is a weekly newsletter covering my own portfolios and more (content is called Premium Research), and this can be checked out through the profile page of The Critical Investor.

Taken from the Seekingalpha site:

Seeking Alpha is a platform for investment research, with broad coverage of stocks, asset classes, ETFs and investment strategy. In contrast to other equity research platforms, insight is provided by  investors and industry experts who are paid by Seeking Alpha and have no possible bias other than holding a position on the stock they write about, rather than for example sell-side analysts providing rather positive targets for their clients, or paid promotors. Seeking Alpha has three outstanding characteristics:

  • Breadth:  Seeking Alpha has remarkably broad coverage of stocks, including more  than 4,000 small and mid cap stocks covered in the past year.
  • Depth: With over 9,600 contributing authors and 30,000 commenters, insight and discussion are informed, critical and sophisticated.
  • Influence:  Seeking Alpha articles frequently move stocks, due to a large and  influential readership of over 3,600,000 registered users, which include (hedge) fund managers, company executives, business leaders, (investment) bankers, private investors, buy/sell side analysts, journalists and bloggers.