Republic of Mining

"Republic Of aims to build awareness among the media, the general public and political decision makers about the economic and social benefits of sustainable mining practices in the 21st Century. These benefits include poverty alleviation and employment for First Nations communities and significant tax revenues for governments.

Republic of Mining will provide a much-needed industry perspective to Canadian and global audiences that may have difficulty finding information on the many social and economic benefits, technical advances, environmental successes and current challenges the mining sector faces in the 21st century.

Unlike most blogs that usually have only one writer or voice, Republic Of Mining is an aggregator linking to Canadian, northern Ontario and international media articles about the mining sector as well as posting blog producer Stan Sudol’s essays and columns on mining issues.

One of the most exciting new mining exploration camps in Canada is the exciting Ring of Fire region. The blog has the most extensive archives on the internet about this new discovery. Republic Of Mining will also post negative articles on the sector as the industry cannot afford to ignore mainstream media criticism on its activities around the world.

Republic Of Mining also pays close attention to the oil and gas industry as their political and environmental challenges mirror similar issues in the mining sector.

Regularly updated content about mining and oil/gas industry politics, industry profiles, green initiatives and commentary from key players, plus stories from the sector’s exciting past will ensure that the Republic of Mining will be a site worth visiting by the mainstream media, political decision makers and the general public.

In October, 2011, Australian-based Mining IQ, a mining guide and international learning and communications portal,  put on its list of Top 10 Mining Blogs, one of only two Canadian sites to be included.

Mining IQ says, “This blog [] aims to build awareness among the media, the general public and political decision makers about the economic and social benefits of sustainable mining practices in the 21st Century. It has a really admirable mission statement and it rings true with the content on the site.”

Mining IQ continues, “We especially like the variety of categories available on the site with commentary from aboriginal mining to mining education and from women in mining through to green mining. Stan Sudol has hit the nail on the head with his enlightened approach.”  For the entire top 10 mining blog list:"

This is a sponsored but fairly independent combination of a handpicked news aggregator and a blog, constructed by consultant Stan Sudol, and heavily followed by the mining industry.