Fraser Survey

Fraser Institute Survey of Mining

As explained elsewhere on this site, the Fraser Survey of Mining Companies is a useful tool to determine country/jurisdictional risk, as it is by far the most comprehensive of its kind. As mentioned, the Survey isn't perfect as it is based on companies willing to do the Survey, and telling like it is or not, as companies might have all sorts of agendas not to participate or represent the real situation of a relevant jurisdiction. And sometimes a situation can be more nuanced, like permitting in Finland isn't a problem proces-wise, but it takes a very long time as it is very thorough, therefore hampering projects and in the end disadvantaging investors. Notwithstanding this, I found the Survey to be useful, and if a jurisdiction is ranked outside the top 20 of the Policy Perception Index (PPI), the most important index for country/jurisdictional risk, and as such for me the most important index of the entire Survey, additional due diligence on jurisdictions is often warranted. The PPI table can be found below, and can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet here, directly from the source.

Please note that the most recent Survey always handles last year. This is the 2020 Survey, published in February 2021: