Buy/Sell Assets

Mines & Money Conference, London

Since I have been walking around at conferences, I regularly noticed (for example at the conference booth or hotel lobbies, bars and restaurants) pitching of and asking for interesting assets, in all sorts of jurisdictions, stages, sizes and qualities, being private or part of a listed company. As a newsletter writer I get to talk to a lot of people, and after a while I was told that, considering the sometimes vast amounts of data accompanying such assets and the efforts that often go into selling and finding interesting assets, providing a platform to showcase them could be of interest for both selling and buying parties.

Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert or advisor in this field and cannot be held liable in any way, and all parties representing their assets on this website are solely responsible for the information provided. 

As of now, I am planning to overhaul the entire website in H2, 2021, and this subject will be operational after the website is renewed.

If you could be interested in having your asset presented at this website, just contact me through the Contact form.