MGX Minerals

A Critical Q & A With MGX Minerals CEO Jared Lazerson

Driftwood Creek; pilot plant

MGX Minerals (XMG.CSE) is a rare breed of junior, as it has a staggering 22 ongoing projects, it is CSE listed, works on revolutionairy "petrolithium"  and zinc air fuel cell tech, has booked no tangible, independently verifiable results yet, but still manages to raise tens of millions of dollars like it's nothing, and keeps producing a true avalanche of news releases because of these 22 projects. When talking to management, there are always plans for even more projects they might go after. Too much? One might think so as progress is slower than projected on several fronts and results are few and far in between, while in the mean time new projects are being added, seemingly creating everchanging dynamics in a vibrant pool of increasing activity as far as focus and strategy is concerned.

A Critical Q & A With MGX Minerals CEO Jared Lazerson

Oil wells; source

According to the significant number of news releases and different projects and activities going on at the moment, MGX Minerals (XMG.CSE) must be one of the busiest junior mining companies I know. A few of those activities definitely have the potential to be company makers on a vast scale in my view. However, as most activities are still relatively early stage, not verified and sometimes seem to compete for strategy focus, it could be difficult at times to follow what's exactly going on for investors, let alone adequately value the company. As a consequence, the share price has been side-ranging for quite a while now, as can be seen here:

The Hirschberg Premium Stockpick Series Part I: MGX Minerals


1. Introduction

This is the first episode in a series of featured junior mining stocks, which are part of the portfolio of famous resource investor Robert Hirschberg from Toronto, Canada. He has made his fortune by being the owner/manufacturer of a promotional clothing company, and invests in junior mining stocks since 1981. Hirschberg has been devoting more and more time to mining stocks over the years, and has made it into being a full-time speculator nowadays.

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